Agrifac Machinery B.V.

Agrifac Machinery B.V. is een Fabrikant gelegen aan Eesveenseweg 15 in Steenwijk.

Meer informatie over Agrifac Machinery B.V. in Steenwijk

Agrifac Machinery B.V. is a company based in Steenwijk, the Netherlands, that develops and produces innovative and sustainable self-propelled sprayers and beet harvesters. They aim to contribute to sustainable agriculture and comply with their 4e's for Growers and NEED Farming concept. Their Condor self-propelled sprayers are designed for optimal crop protection and can reduce the use of water and crop protection agents by up to 90%. These sprayers can be used for various crops such as cereals, maize, sunflowers, tulips, sugar beets, and flax. Agrifac's factory is considered the most sustainable in Europe, generating more energy than it uses. They invite visitors to explore their production site and experience demonstrations of their sustainable machines. Agrifac's goal is to increase crop yield by 50% while reducing the use of chemicals and water by at least 50%. They believe that the future of farming lies in sustainable practices and the use of available data to make informed decisions.

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